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We Create Podcasts

We make audio content for curious communities. From Comedy to Crime, Crypto
to Kids, we cover a range of different genres for every audience and brand.

Got an idea and need some help creating it? Reach out and let's chat. No idea is too obscure, no host too small. We have different models that work for different creators - from big brands, to burgeoning start-ups to first time hosts with a passion for their ideas.  

Scan our range of podcasts we produce below, listen to our talented hosts and clients, and reach out if you want to know more!


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The Swab with Georgie Carroll

Ampel produces the highly acclaimed The Swab podcast, now in it's 4th Season. Nominated for best comedy podcast at the Australian Podcast Awards 2022. Comedian and Nurse Georgie Carroll digs around infectious nurses folds to see what they are packing. It's a hilarious, talk show / game show / stand-up comedy show, were literally anything goes.

The Next Billion Seconds

Ampel produces the award-winning podcast The Next Billion Seconds, hosted by renowned futurist Mark Pesce. The series is in it's 6th year.  Join Mark Pesce  as he answers your questions about the future. Should you buy a Bitcoin? Maybe? What other cryptocurrency should you buy or sell? What the heck is an NFT? Will a digital artwork make you happy?


Connections in Flight

Connections in Flight is produced by Ampel for our amazing clients Sarah Mizuguchi M.D and Erika Paramore. Erika Paramore is a psychotherapist who, for the last 20+ years, has been focused on healing women from trauma. Sarah Mizuguchi is a physician, passionate about learning about ourselves through therapy. Together they are hosts of Connections In Flight; the podcast focused on helping us find our path.  

Tank Stream Labs Podcast Cover.jpg

Ampel produces the official podcast of Tank Stream Labs, Tank Stream Speaks. Tank Stream Labs is a leading breeding ground for entrepreneurs, specialised industry leaders, and scaleups. And in this show, it’s those members that speak.   Each episode features members of the community both past and present. Learning more about their journeys and the incredible businesses they are building.

Tank Stream Speaks

FYH0100_Podcast Covert Artwork.png

Flex Your Hustle

Flex your Hustle is produced by Ampel for our amazing clients at APAC's largest affiliate marketing network Commission Factory. Flex your Hustle is hosted by Ampel General Manager Michelle Lomas and features marketers who have scaled their business by using marketing techniques not traditionally chosen - inspiring the marketer in all of us to think harder about how we market our products.

180 Podcast

Ampel produces the highly important podcast 180, for the Digital Skills Organisation of Australia (DSO). In a rapidly changing world, Australia is facing a digital skills shortage. 87% of jobs now require digital literacy skills.  The importance of digitally up-skilling our country is clear, and that is why we’ve created the 180 podcast. The podcast give tips and tools to look at your business’ digital needs, to help adapt training, up-skill yourself and employees  to better meet the needs of an ever-changing world. All hosted by the employees of the DSO. 

WaltzingJimeoinPodcast-artwork (1).jpg

Waltzing Jimeoin

It's the podcast about road trips, recorded on a road trip, perfect suited for listening to on a road trip! As part of Ampel's partnership with Humerus to produce the Waltzing Jimeoin TV Show, we also produce the podcast while on the road, between sets.  Join Jimeoin and his friends as they have intimate, hilarious and sometimes random conversations - the type only a roadtrip can inspire. 

Criminal Domain

Ampel produced the award-nominated Criminal Domain for Norton LifeLock. The show seeks to expose the ways we leave ourselves open to potential hacking and phishing attacks, and how perpetrators use technology to manipulate us. 

World renowned futurist Mark Pesce and respected investigative journalist Claire Aird speak to victims of cyber crime to inform us how to better protect ourselves online.

Criminal Domain Artwork 1x1.png

Beyond the Frame

Working with Edelman and HSBC, Ampel created 6 x 10 minute episodes for the award-winning podcast series  Beyond the Frame - a look behind the bigger picture of some of the world’s most important Impressionist art. This podcast was an extension of HSBC's sponsorship of the French Impressionism Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and provided a more accessible and comedic way to learn more about histories most famous paintings, and painters. 

Stories From The Culture Equation

Ampel's first edition of a StoryCast. Produced in collaboration with The Culture Equation, this series follows the workplace culture transformation for a range of companies. Narrated by the CEO & Founder of The Culture Equation, the series features interviews with real people from within the organisations, detailing their experience with the Culture Canvas program. 


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