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We Create Your Sound, With Sonic Branding

With podcast advertising tipped to double by 2024, and over 78% of media agencies planning to book digital audio / podcast advertising and radio advertising consistently growing, there’s never been a more important time for a brand to own an identifiable audio logo. There’s never been an easier way to get your brand stuck inside someone’s head! 

Less than 10% of brands use audio as part of their distinctive branding assets. And fewer brands have an audio logo that exists without imagery. Ampel creates audio logos, sonic IDs, music libraries, brand themes and other distinctive audio branding assets to make your  brand heard across all audio, and make your videos more memorable. 

See below for some of the audio logos and distinctive sounds we have created for brands, including our own. 



hipages needed a Sonic ID that works for the customers and the tradies (contractors) that offer their services through the website. We chose to feature a strong voiceover of the website (it's a web-based business) and the mnemonic of a door bell as that's the sound that both customer and contractor want to hear. From the customer's perspective, someone has arrived to fix their job. From the tradie's perspective, ringing a door bell is both a job, and a sale. So the bell has an added bonus of being like the sound heard when entering a shop.  

Digital Skills Organisation (DSO)

Digital Skills Organisation’s Mission is to Digitally Upskill Australia by developing sustainable employer-led approaches to create a digitally upskilled, job-ready workforce.


Tasked with creating 180 DSO’s podcast – Ampel created an audio logo DSO can use across all video and audio assets. 

Tank Stream Labs

Tank Stream Labs are one of the leading co-working spaces in Sydney for tech start-ups. They wanted to create an audio logo that demonstrated the collaboration, hustle and positive growth that the members experience among their halls. So we created a logo that had all the sounds that you could expect if you were to join Tank Stream Labs. 

Commission Factory worked with Ampel to create a Sonic ID (Audio Logo) to identify their brand in audio. 

As creators of the Flex Your Hustle podcast they produce with Ampel, Commission Factory needed a way to make sure the audience knew they made the work, but keeping the podcast separate from the brand was crucial. 

Commission Factory


Heard Ampel's audio logo before? You might be curious where it came from. And who's cute little voice that is? Probably not surprisingly, the main VO is by Founder / EP Josh Butt who was recording a "professional" voiceover for the audio logo, but was interrupted by his then 3 year old, Emilie who grabbed the mic out of her dad's hand and repeated the often heard phrase, "is this thing on?". The end result is pretty much how it happened for real -- when we put the ad through a sound mix, it never sounded as good as the first pass and pre-mix. So we left it the way it is.

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