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Traveling with Headphones

We Create Radio & Podcast Audio Ads

Spending in audio advertising, one of the most intimate and high performing media channels, is a big decision. So why leave the creative to people who aren't invested in your brand and message? 

To make an impact in audio, you need to take the time to develop some great creative too. We spend time to get to know your brand and develop fun creative that makes your marketing dollars work harder. Whether it's emotional, serious, or down right funny, we'll come up with the right script, creative, voice talent and sound design. 

Hear some of our ads below, notice the difference, and then let's chat!


hipages Radio Ads 

Ampel was engaged to create 2 x new radio ads for hipages that brought to life their product in a way that was memorable and humorous. They also wanted to recognise the multi-cultural backgrounds of their audience and create a series that would continue on, highlighting different trades, backgrounds and embracing our unique culture. 

Sydney Opera House Radio & Podcast Ads

Ampel was engaged to write 4 x memorable radio ads for the iconic Sydney Opera House. Each ad was designed to appeal to a different audience with different entertainment needs.

Primo Radio Ads

Primo engaged Ampel to create some radio ads for their new Primo Stackers product. We built a strategy focused on how we create habits of when to take the Primo Stackers, and built two radio ads targeted to two different audiences.

BMW Podcast Ad
The Next Billion Cars

Ampel was engaged to produce a Host Read spot for BMW's sponsorship of The Next Billion Cars (Seconds). So to make it memorable, we made it fun - by throwing host Mark Pesce and show EP Josh Butt into the car for a test drive. 

Call on Clare
Radio & Podcast Ads

Call on Clare provide palliative care in homes, and can be called on within 24 hours. Call on Clare engaged Ampel to create two specific ads for different audiences. One was designed to recruit more nurses to the company, and the other was to generate leads for Call on Clare, targeting care givers.

Want To Be Heard?

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