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Business & Tech Audio  

We make great audio content, radio ads and podcasts for the technology and business sector. In fact we live inside one of Australia's largest technology hubs - Tank Stream Labs. So I guess you could say we really understand the challenges when it comes to marketing tech and business products.  


Check out how we have helped our clients leverage such a valuable medium to grow their business through technology and services adoption. Or come visit us in our studio Tank Stream Studios, powered by Ampel. A space built for businesses like yours, to create great, affordable audio content. 


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Flex Your Hustle
For Commission Factory

Flex your Hustle is produced by Ampel for our amazing clients at APAC's largest affiliate marketing network Commission Factory. Flex your Hustle is hosted by Ampel General Manager Michelle Lomas and features marketers who have scaled their business by using marketing techniques not traditionally chosen - inspiring the marketer in all of us to think harder about how we market our products.

Tank Stream Speaks
for Tank Stream Labs

Ampel produces the official podcast of Tank Stream Labs, Tank Stream Speaks. Tank Stream Labs is a leading breeding ground for entrepreneurs, specialised industry leaders, and scaleups. And in this show, it’s those members that speak.   Each episode features members of the community both past and present. Learning more about their journeys and the incredible businesses they are building.

Tank Stream Labs Podcast Cover.jpg

The Next Billion Seconds 
With Mark Pesce

Ampel produces the award-winning podcast The Next Billion Seconds, hosted by renowned futurist Mark Pesce. The series is in it's 6th year.  Join Mark Pesce  as he answers your questions about the future. Should you buy a Bitcoin? Maybe? What other cryptocurrency should you buy or sell? What the heck is an NFT? Will a digital artwork make you happy?

Lead From The Side 
With Spencer Kassimir

Lead from the Side is a unique take on the business leadership genre. Host Spencer Kassimir interviews sporting leaders from some of the largest teams and organisations in Australian sport, quizzing them on what makes a good leader. How do we galvanise teams when the chips are down? How do you lead a team through crisis, and how do you stand aside far enough to let the team shine, while also giving enough guidance to drive success. 


A Brief History Of The Metaverse with Mark Pesce and Tony Parisi

In this special and unique mini-series, Mark Pesce is joined by friend and previous co-founder Tony Parisi as they take a trip back in time on how The Metaverse first began and what it means for us in the future. Mark and Tony invented VRML, the first 3D technology that powered the beginning of the metaverse. In this special series, they are joined by other industry greats as they ponder just how we got here, and what's next. 

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