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The June Wrap, from Ampel

The latest issue of The Wrap is up! And it's been a busy few weeks for us.

Listen to the latest episode, 'Bold Ideas, Below the Belt & Behind the Scenes' on our Podcast, or read the transcript below.

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Josh Butt: Hi, I'm Josh Butt, founder of Ampel. Welcome to this episode, Bold Ideas Below the Belt and Behind the Scenes.

Here's some new work that we've been up to.

Tank Stream Speaks - We're proud to produce and co-host Tank Stream Labs official podcast, Tank Stream Speaks produced at Tank Stream Studios powered by Ampel. Each episode of Tank Stream Speaks features conversations with the entrepreneurs of Tank Stream Labs community, both past and present, discussing the topics that all entrepreneurs ponder over. Plus learn a little bit about the business services on offer from Tank Stream Labs. Its the show for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Got something are going on downstairs and too scared to ask a doctor? Head to Below the Belt. Learn more from Dr. Christopher Love, who's a Melbourne-based Urologist familiar with men's trepidation seeking help when it comes to penis related problems. Fair enough. But the reality is that most issues are treatable. And so what we've created is Below the Belt, an easy to digest series that explains what might be going on downstairs and the treatments involved to remove the barriers to seeking help and providing comfort when things aren't always working at their best.

Wondering where the world of audio is going in 2023 and beyond? We were thrilled to be invited by AdNews Australia to share our thoughts alongside the audio industry's biggest heavyweights and what the future sounds like. Will our love affair with podcasts continue? We're tipping, yes. How is AI going to shape the future of audio production? Quite a bit. Have a read and find out what the best in the industry are predicting.

This month in our series Hear the Experts Here, we interviewed co-founders Evan and Andy from the Aussie tech music startup Melodie. Melodie is the music behind many of Australia's TV shows, podcasts, marketing and more. Melodie provides unlimited access to high-quality stock music for storytellers, with an exclusive catalogue featuring 20,000 tracks and more from award-winning composers featuring AI-powered reverse audio search tools. Simple licensing. You can discover why this exciting Aussie-based startup just completed a successful funding round of $1 million and is about to take the US by storm.

Ampel recently joined many of our colleagues in the podcast agency world to contribute to Co-host 2023 report on the state of podcast agencies. This exhaustive report sought to review the tools, challenges and processes affecting the podcast production industry and explores the biggest ideas and trends from podcast leaders, including me. Oh, hang on, I have to read my quote. Oh yeah. Okay. "Agencies who treat their clients audio channel more like LinkedIn for your ears rather than check out our new podcast will deliver better results to their clients." If you're curious about what us agency folk think and how we operate, this is actually quite an interesting read.

Are you interested in the podcast game? Maybe you're interested in dipping your toe in with an idea you've been thinking about for a while. It's true that having the right expert team can help you make the most of your sound, but we know that sometimes employing a team isn't actually available to you financially. And so that's why we've pulled together a few tricks and list of some things to get you started. First, invest in good equipment. Second, choose a quiet room. Edit your audio, script it, and the fifth - Whatever it is you make must sound different. Please don't be afraid to make some bold choices to make sure that your voice is heard.

Harry: Hi, my name is Harry, and I've been interning at Ampel for the last little short while. I've been asked to share with you guys a podcast recommendation. And out of all the podcasts out there, the one that's gotten my attention and many around the world is Red Scare. Red Scare is a clever podcast that pretty fearlessly tackles culture and politics, brought to you by Dasha and Anna, who record from their apartment in New York City. They cover everything from Sydney Sweeney to dissecting the definition of wokeness to a hilarious impression of Zelensky. Red Scare is a delightful blend of humor, politics and pop culture.

Josh: That's all we got time for. So if you want to know how you can make waves in sound, send us a note.

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